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Friday, October 07, 2005

A new policy on comments 

I have begun to receive a large number of comments that are basically nothing more than spam. As a first step I have changed the comment policy on this blog to restrict those who are not blogspot members - no more anonymous comments as a means of promoting commercial ventures and the like. I may well end the commenting fucntion completely, since most of what I write here is also available either at myleftwing.com or at dailykos, and occcasionally elsewhere. And I may hide all existing comments since some are somewhat inappopriate.

I will watch for a few days before I decide the next action I should take.

For now, I will not on new posts allow comments. If you want, you may email me directly a kber at earthlink dot net (email formatted to avoid mailbots), but there is no guarantee that (a) you will get through my spam filter, (b) that I will read it, or (c) any realistical chance of your receiving a response.

I thank those who who have come here to read MY thoughts, often but not exclusively about education.

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