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Monday, June 13, 2005

A good quote from Marshall Wittman 

can be found in his article The VRWC IS AT IT AGAIN, his offering today at Joshua Michael Marshall's TPMCAFE.

I'll keep this diary short.  The piece is about how the right is really afraid of Hillary.   No matter how you feel about that, you will enjoy this quote:

The ugly truth is that if Jesus of Nazareth himself returned and dared to run on the Democratic line the righteous right would tar him as a bleeding heart vagabond who couldn't hold a job and that he needed a shave. No doubt a Galilee Fishingboat Veterans for Truth outfit would call into question Jesus' miracle claims - financed with lavish funding from Rove's buddies in Texas and maximum exposure on Fox News. Just imagine the book - "Unfit to Save".
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