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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

teachers and the law 

in keeping with my practice of making available resources and information that I think may be of value to people on this list, I want to call your attention to a resource.  It is dsigned primarily for teachers, of which clearly there are many on this blog.  But the information covered will be of interest and perhaps even of use for many others.

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It comes from the Reach Every Child website run by Alan Haskvits, to whose work I have previously made reference at kos and on my own blog.  

This particular set of resources is entitled, as is this diary, Teachers and the Law.  Let me offer the intro for the page, which includes the subcategories for which information is available.  My formatting will be slightly different than what you will see on the site.  NOTE: you will see a blurb in what I quote for Horace Mann   -- that is because that company serves as sponsor for the site.  I am neither promoting nor endorsing that company in not editing out that portion of the intro.

Enjoy, or whatever.

Teachers and the Law

It is no secret school systems and teachers have become the source of countless legal claims in recent years. In fact, the most dangerous time in a teacher's life is not in the classroom, but while on yard duty or supervision. So all educators should review these sites to refresh their knowledge about the law; they should also check with their union.

What is the Loco Parentis Doctrine?

This doctrine is the cornerstone of educators' legal rights, and it means "in the place of parents." In other words, an educator has the right to act as a parent (in the absence of the parent) while the student is in school. In reality, the doctrine is limited for school authorities since parents are not required to provide procedural due process before initiating discipline. However, rules should not be contrary to the basic wishes of parents. Although courts fully realize the responsibility of the school system to establish proper educational settings, one must remember school board members are elected to represent their constituents (parents) of a given political jurisdiction.

The following resources cover a number of the legal issues for educators. In addition, some offer guidance in understanding why teachers might not be eligible for full Social Security benefits, making it vital for teachers to have a good retirement plan. Also, remember that Horace Mann offers coverage for assault cases.

*    Copyright law and the Internet

*    General Education Law

*    Social Security, IRS and teachers

*    Teacher liability and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

*    Teaching religion and tolerance in the classroom

*    Union support


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