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Monday, February 28, 2005

Torture -- Must Read(s) 

there is an important diary on torture, by perhaps the best writer in the blogosphere, Meteor Blades, that has been promoted to the front page at dailykos. It is about torture, and was written last night, even before Bob Herbert's wonderful column in today's NY Times, "It's Called Torture"

was available.

Here is the link for "Torture isn't the Crime; Publicizing It Is", the title for which is derived from a remark by Jonah Goldberg

Of especial interest is one comment, which I have pasted below in its entirety. I think those of faith will find it pertinent.

Ken B
* Or John (4.00 / 3)

pas gar ho phaula prassÿn misei to phÿs, kai ouk erchetai pros to phÿs, hina mï elengchthïi ta erga autou.

Everyone doing evil hates the light, and does not go toward the light, that their deeds may not be judged.

(John 3:20, my translation from the Greek)

And just four short verses away from the fundagelicals' favorite Gospel tag, too. Funny how they never seem to read that far down the page, isn't it?


Jedoch der schrecklichste der Schrecken
Das ist der Mensch in seinem Wahn" -- J. W. von Goethe

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