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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Please Watch this brief movie 

Here is a link the website of American Friends Service Committee, the Nobel Peace-Prize winning service organization of American Quakers http://www.afsc.org/

at this site you will see a link for a brief movie entitled "Waging Peace" please view the movie, and then pass it on to your friends.

On a day when the United States Senate has disgraced itself and embarrassed this nation by confirming a supporter of torture as Attorney General, making people aware of this video is one positive thing you CAN do.

UPDATED link is now correct -- also corrected a few typos

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I'd like to see the movie, but the link is not a link. Can you set it up so that it (and other URLs) is a link? Thanks.
sorry about the typoe for the link


then go to the appropriate link on the page
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