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Friday, February 25, 2005

A new link Quakers in the News 

Glenn Reinhart does yeoman's service by scanning various news media to find any reference to Quakers and Quakerism. Since I myself am a Friend (Quaker) I find this service invaluable.

I have added the link to the list of connections, but in case you have come to this post directly, that link is
Quakers in the News

Among the items included today are two obituaries. One is of singer / actor Johnt Raitt, father of singer Bonnie Raitt. It notes that he was both a Quaker and a Conscientious Objector. Another is of Russian Orthodox Archpriest Sergei Hackel. Most eaders would not know of him, but he has been a major figure in English-spekaing Orthodoxy for quite some time. You will also find a reference to elsewhere to the late Paul Robeson, whom I had known was raised a Quaker and married a Quaker.

Browse the site. You might find it of interest. At least, I did.

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