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Friday, February 04, 2005

For shame, for shame!! 

The United States Senate should be ashamed of itself. On the Republican side only Conrad Burns had any guts - he abstained on Gonzales, refusing to endorse for Attorney General a man who has given his blessing to torture, and who was far from completely honest with the United States Senate. To those Democrats who supported Gonzales, and to those Republican "moderates" who did, this I swear -- there is little that I cannot forgive, but betraying this nation the way you did in that vote is something I will neither forgive nor forget. I will oppose you at every turn, on every issue, unless and until you publically acknowledge that your vote in support of Gonzales was a tragic error.

For those of you who WERE Democrats [because this vote in my opinion places you far outside the bounds of acceptable behavior for the Democratic party) I will never support you -- for reelection, for higher office, for appointed position, and I will encourage others to do as I do. You could have followed the example of Conrad Burns and simply abstained, refusing to give your endorsement to this travesty of a nomination.

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