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Friday, February 13, 2004


I love Friday the 13th. I will buy a lottery ticket or three before the day ends. I have always been fond of the number 13. I note that Wilt Chamberlain wore that number in 1962 in Hershey Pennsylvania when he scored the still-record 100 points in an NBA Game (for anyone younger than about 45, the NBA at one point was not really big league, and would travel to smaller cities for some games - heck, at one point Syracuse actually had a team, as did Fort Wayne).

Lots of political weirdness in the air, between rumors about Kerry and rumors about Bush. Combine this With things like David Kay saying Bush should admit he was wrong, the Senate Intelligence Committee voting to look into more detail than the administration wants, and the Senate Judiciary Committee being willing to examine the memo problem, and it looks like a totally unpredictable situation is developing. The UN guy sent to evaluate elections in Iraq is agreeing with Ayatollah Sistani that elections should be as soon as possible, which would mean of course that the Shi'ites would probably gain control over the entire country. Meanwhile the Kurds are acting very upset, and the killing continues. All of this, and the public confidence in Bush continues to drop. Now I am not the only person speculating that Bush may not be on the ballot in the Fall.

I'm tired, plain worn out. It is hard to have the mental energy to write anything coherent, of any value, when I am this Bushed [please note the capitalization -- it was DELIBERATE]. I do have a 3-day weekend, but I have a huge amount of correcting of papers to do, as well as my normal planning. Tomorrow I will have to address a number of tasks, from bill-paying, to getting my car serviced, to cleaning up the messes around the house. I face another weekend by myself as my wife continues her trundles to NC to do research.

Perhaps I am simply getting too old for the pace at which I try to live. I do spend a lot of time attempting to absorb information, and to process it. Even when I am not posting on various blogs, I am reading: there, online editions of papers, and far too many daily emails [I have been averaging 250 getting through the spam filter on a daily basis this past week].

I really doubt I have that much to offer in a forum such as this, but I have received several emails asking me to continue. So consider this my response, at least for the short term.

And now? Having had lunch at 9:30 [yes, a crazy school schedule} I have to get some solid food [and buy my lottery tickets] before I proceed to DC for a bloggers' get-together.

health and happiness to all the world (I'd do it in French, but I've forgotten most of what little I once new).

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