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Saturday, February 07, 2004

A sunny day in weather but not in politics 

It's not quite 11 AM here in the East. The death-knell on the Dean campaing should being tolling in several hours, if as expected he loses by a comfortable margin in WA state [he will be clobbered in MI] . My withdrawal psychologically from the campaign is now being noticed - I received an email from a woman who is a major player in our Educators for Dean group and is also active on Blog For America - she asked me point blank if I were still with the Dean effort. I was honest. Unless I see some life, probably today in Washington, i see no point in putting further effort into this campaign. I might be interested in the movement per se - that is, how we can reform the Democratic Party, and how we can use our network and our skills to help individual candidates.

Mason-Dixon has just released a new Virginia poll, which has Kerry in the lead, and Dean in a distant 4th at 8%. At that level he might pull out a few delegates in N VA and around Tidewater, but his continued presence serves only to help Kerry remain in the lead with about 1/3 of the vote as his opposition is divided 3-ways. Oh if only Edwrads had also won OK and Clark had dropped out, at least there would have been a chance that Kerry would lose a few more upcoming events.

On the other hand, if Edwards and Clark can keep going and picking up delegates, it is possible, barely, that Kerry would not win the majority going into the convention, although at that point were he close my bet is the superdelegates (who would have the balance of power) would all jump on board -- no one wants an uncontrolled convention.

And even if this thing keeps going to March 2nd SuperTuesday, I expect that Hillary will make an endorsement designed to put someone over the top and bring the competition to an end.

IT IS A BRIGHT, SUNSHINEY DAY. Gee, that sound's something like an old song lyric. I have two more sets of papers to correct, a ittle pallning to do for the upcoming week, and lot of work to do around the house. I have made what efforts I can to call to the attention of the press the problems with the Bush commission, writing in detail to two major newpspaper reporters with whom I have at least electronic relationships. And now? I will get on with the normal minutiae of day to day existence, as my clock strikes a belated 11 chimes.

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