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Sunday, February 01, 2004


Trippi kept Judy W from making all her usual snide remakrs by keeping talking, and thus he got his points out. On MTP Dean gave a smashmouth performance. Now if he had done this the Sunday before IA or even better last Sunday, he might have been able to change the meme about electability at least a bit. In fairness, he did not have all the news atoreis about Kerry and special interest money before the end of this past week. I do not think it will make any difference in Monday's results: not that many voters watch the show. if he pulls out NM it will be because of ground game in the Hispanic community, and because he built up a margin with the early voting ... it remains unlikely.

I think Dean is being honest when he says he thinks any of the Dems could beat Bush, because despite the numbers the measure of economic recovery is the preception among voters about jobs, and so far there is no job recovery. If the jobless recovery merely costs OH, no Republican has ever been elected without OH. And if Bush is only 2 points ahead against a Dem in SC, he has deep trouble.

One corner of my house gets very little sun - it is due North. Thus I have had a horendous ice dam on the roof, because the gutter drain was a solid tube of ice. Between chipping and pouring hot water while up on a ladder, it took about an hour, and it is now somewhat free. Just in time, with another storm on the way. I don't know about Feng Shui, but I do know that come the summer I'm going to move that drain spout around the corner so it gets some sun!

And now on to the rest of my life -- my service on the Library committee for my Friends (Quaker) Meeting, and then trying to plan two sets of lesson plans - we may have a delay or be closed due to weather on Tuesday. Further blogging will have to wait.
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