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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Oh Well, at Least I Voted For Dean 

Today is Virginia primary Day. I was 2nd in line at my precinct, which is heavily democratic. The only signs up were for Dean, and there were no campaign workers visible. All of the first 3 voters were Dean supporters, but apparently that made us unusual, as the Noon exit polls have Dean in 4th, at 8% (but at least ahead of Sharpton).

Word is that Clark is dropping out. He is running a distant 3rd, behind Kerry and Edwards, on both TN and VA. He has cancelled a major fundraiser scheduled for tomorrow in Houston.

Will the media keep this alive, with Edwards having finished 2nd in both races? Will Edwards even be able to raise money, given the fact that Kerry just beat him in 2 Southern states? Will Dean win any delegates in either state (probably not in TN, just maybe in Virginia)? Will Dean still be 2nd in delegates? And what is Kerry's money situation?

There is more and more evidence of at east an indirect connection to Kerry with the Osama ad, one big chunk of which was thru Bob Toricelli, who is also the principal fundraiser for Kerry at this point. Also, it turns out that there is major bundled giving to Kerry through executives of Media corporations - of course, they are not likely to cover that, and I'm not sure that one could frame the issue to the American people that there may be a conflict in how the media has covered Dean and the financial commitment of some executives for Kerry.

In other news, totally away from the political world, I am to be observed this week. Today's lesson would have worked wonderfully, but at the last minute the administrator could not come. It will happen tomorrow, with a lesson that will not be as interesting, but since this lady has observed me twice in the past 4 years, it should not be any kind of problem.

The real problem is that I am in great pain from my shoulder and my back. It is almost as bad as it was at the worst before I had to see the orthopedist over a year ago. I'm getting old, and my body is breaking down, slowly, but still breaking down.

And apparently no one except my wife and one or two close friends ever reads this blog. Even if they did, it is still not set up for dialog. Perhaps it is not worth maintaining. I get some positive comments and good ratings from my posts on dailykos, and perhaps I will have to be happy with that.

And now, to head home
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