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Sunday, February 15, 2004


Sunday of President's Day Weekend. On a personal level I have been fighting a cold, which has quite wiped me out. Still I have been able to finish the Kevin Phillips book on the Bush dynasty. And I was able to find a way to pay for unexpected repairs on my car.

POLITICS -- there is a debate for the Democrats in Wisconsin tonight. I think it is probably meaningless, although I suppose I will watch. I'm curoius to see if either "scandal" currently in the news should arise, either the tale about kerry and the young woman, or the continuing saga of Bush's apparent absence from National Gaurad service and related issues. I have written very little on the former, but have made multiple posts on dailykos about the latter.

SCHOOL - I have a large amount of project related material from mys tudent whcih I must get through by Tuesday. I presume that it will take around 6-8 hours to get through all of it, so I must make a serious effort this afternoon. With the head cold, I can probably not keep at it for more than 2 hours at a time.

LIFE - I find myself wanting to withdraw even more. One of my greatest delights n ow is to simply lie down and be cov ered with cats, 1-2-3 or all four. It requires of me something at which I am not very good - surrendering all control! To be sourrounded by purring furry masses of flesh is actually quite soothing.

THIS BLOG - seems to me to be a total waste of time. I rarely have anything of any import to share. When I am provoked or intrigued by something I read on dailykos, I immediately post my response there. I do have to be careful that my ego is getting wrapped up in that process -- I do delight in the number of '4' ratings I get.

I begin to accept that I am not so insightful that the world needs my bloviations.

For now, I will,as I am doing at the present, preiodically type a few thoughts. Occasionally there may be something of value. But I find far less worth rereading than when I worte in my various pocket notebooks over the years.

And now, because this seems so pointless, I think I'll do something constructive, like clean the catpans. With four cats, that's a lot of cleaning.

And don't worry, dear JJ - I did not make any trip to Flemington NJ. It would be too unfair to the four little creatures with whom we already share our space.

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