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Monday, February 02, 2004

A FURTHER POLITICAL THOUGHT: WSJ Journal today opines that former AL Chief Justice Roy Moore of 10 Commandments monument fame may run on a 3rd party ticket.

This would present Bush with a problem. Were Moore to draw 1-3% in some states, it might be enough to flip them from Red to Blue. To prevent that, Bush might run to his right, giving in to social and religious conservatives on a number of their pet issues --- but that might cause him real problems with suburban Republicans, particularly women. Interesting problem, worth watching.

Also, I want to see if this time Bush gets away with naming Henry Kissinger to run an "independent" investigation --- methinks the press and the Democrats ought to be screaming bloody murder, given (a) Kissinger's past dissembling (b) his business associations - is he willing to give them up?

Anyone who thinks that Kissinger will run a honest investigation needs to remember that in certain parts of the world he is already considered a War Criminal.

And as a partisan Republican from back when he was on the payroll of Nelson Rockefellar, it is hard to believe that a conclusion on his part that absolved the current Republican administration would have any credibility.

Kissinger was blocked from 9-11 by the families of tose who had died there. Probably the only way to block him now would be an uproar by the families of military personnel who died or were maimed in Iraq.
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