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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

First thing in the morning 

It is a cold morning. We are the only big local school district that is opening on time. So at least I will be able to proceed without having to modify my lessons once again.

From my perspective, it is now over for Dean. And in the worst of all worlds, both Clark and Edwards won a state, which will still further divide opposition to Kerry. I expect Dean to lose all 3 copntexts (caucuses in ME, MI and WA) this weekend, and to be fatally weakened coming in to VA and TN next week. I am not sure it is even worth making further phone calls. I cannot believe that they did not even advertise in NM, which they had a shot to pull out.

Further evidence yesterday that the Kerry camp has obtained (illegally) the list of identified Dean voters - robocalls being made in Washington including to a cell phone not publicly listed and only on the list of Dean supporters: as it happenes, call came while owner was at Dean's Seattle hdqtrs.
Still wondering when or if list of sponsors/backers of 527 that ran the Osama ad will ever be released. If they dissolved themslves to try to avoid making this release, then I'm sure it was Kerry, and not as expected Gephardt, that was behind it.

I am worn out, frustrated, somewhat angry, and hurting. Only the last is not political: I banged up a foot and I have a nail that may be falling off, and boy does that toe sting. An appropriate symbol - a stubbed toe that brings down many plans and dreams.

And now, with no particular insight about anything this morning, I head off to scool.
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