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Monday, February 09, 2004


VIRGINIA VOTES - Right now the polling data says Dean will finish fourth. But there is still a real grassroots effort going on, with unofficial purchasing of radio time for ads, especially here in N VA. This is a strong Dean area to begin with, so there is a chance we can win the CD. So I suppose both my wife and I will still vote for Dean, even though we are angry that he pulled out of doing anything here, or of showing up in Richmond Saturday. I know that Gore has done some campaigning for Dean in TN, but that is even tougher, although there will also be unofficial radio ads there as well. We could pull out 3rd here in VA, since Clark does NOT seem to be doing too well, despite lots of ads.

OTHER THOUGHTS - on politics, there is a LOT of buzz about Bush and possibly being AWOL -- it is starting to get some legs, but I don't know for how long. Similarly, when Tony Blankley of Washington Times predicts indictments in the Valerie Plame outing, methinks that they are imminent, and will be of people in Cheney's office. That will scramble the election as well - it may be enough to force Cheney off the ticket. Of Course, I am still not convinced Bush will be the nominee.

I am of mixed mind how much emotional energy I want to put into any of this political stuff, although since I am trying to convince my students that it is important, I guess that I am not allowed to mentally and emotionally withdraw right now.

On the other hand, I am coming to the conclusion that I serve myself and others best when I do not assume leadership positions such as I did in Educators Fro Dean. It does neither me or the organization that much good. Far better that I serve but not in visible positions of leadership. It is not that I cannot function as a leader, but that it costs me so much to do it properly. Far better to the gray eminence as I have always said. Perhaps my insights and thoughts can be of some value, but far better that they not be associated with my sometimes abrasive personality.

And now - I have another stack of papers to correct. It will take time. There goes my evening.

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