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Thursday, February 19, 2004


SO DEAN IS OUT OF THE RACE, SORT OF ... he remains on the ballot, will apparently keep raising and spending money. In one sense this is expected, because he wants to be in a position to continue to influence policy. Besides, many of us that the grasroots level were already moving in such a Direction.

BUT -- and this is VERY important -- I did not see the wink and nod that it was okay to vote for Edwrads that is absolutely necessary if there is to be any chance that Kerry is denied the nomination. I hope at a minimum he is suggesting to people like Congressional supporters that if they feel they must endorse to endorse Edwrads.

PERSONAL FRONT -- got selected again for Who's Who Among America's Teachers this time nominated by a student who graduated last year. I have been invited to bring several students to a 50th anniversary of the Brown decision cosponsored by Howard U and Yale law Schools. I received a suggestion to apply for National Board Certification, which the hint that the county and State may pay for the applications cost. For some reason some people seem to think I have some value as a teacher?

I have had little time to reflect, so that I apologize that this entry is so sparse. I will not necessarily post every day (as I did not yesterday) unless I have something specific about which to remark, OR IF I REALLY NEED TO GET MY THOUGHTS DOWN DOWN SO THAT THEY CAN BE SUBJECT TO SCRUTINY.

And now, students arrive, so I must turn to them.

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